Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Bye Bye Fall, What's up Winter!

Most of the Fall books are out of my hands and on to their next home. In fact, I think I just finished up the last book of the Fall season, CASE FILE 13: MAKING THE TEAM. It's hilarious. I love working on these books and if you like gross spooky humor (and you're 8) pre-order it on amazon, indie bound or visit your local library and snag a copy come late September. Oh! what a great back to school gift this may be:

Book 2!

As we say adios to our Fall 2013 list, I invite (foreshadowing pun!) the Winter 2014 list.


UNINVITED was one of my first books to work on from absolute start to absolute finish. Basically the main character tests positive for Homicidal Tendency Syndrome, aka “the kill gene,” and is thrown into a whole new world she's never known. My job was super fun on this one: how do we show an innocent being deemed a killer?

After playing around with a few ideas, we settled on focusing on the character's DNA. And after we settled on that idea, we played around with different executions. Finally, we decided that we did need a model, we did need a lot of hair, and we also needed me to work a fan to blow that hair around and around. Oh, and the craft service table should be visited as often as possible.

Me working the fan

I wasn't the only one interested in free food.

After we shot the model the photographer thought it was a good idea to dump some glitter in a fish tank for good measure. I couldn't agree more. Got to love a place where there's a glitter bin:

So. Much. Glitter.

So we took all that stuff and smooshed it together and got this:

First book of Winter 2014, exciting!

What do you think, fun right? I can't wait until the rest of this season's books are released into the wild. We got a lot of cool stuff coming up: space pirates, mythical birds that are made of leaves, a dangerous game fought in a rotten town....ya know stuff!

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