Thursday, July 18, 2013

A sweet paper fort and PANIC cover reveal

You guys! Check out this sweet fort I built out of last season's interior passes/back up. There are 17 books in these stacks, all of which are headed to the recycling bin. Oh joyous day to clean out a cubicle! (PS I'm kneeling on a chair.)

Summer 2013 Fort 

Yesterday was also the big cover reveal for Lauren Oliver's new book, PANIC. I've been waiting so long for this reveal I almost missed it! When a co worker came over to say that someone had mentioned it on Twitter I—erm—panicked. I thought I had accidentally uploaded it and the whole shebang was ruined! When I realized the reveal had happened and I didn't muck it all up, I relaxed and laughed at this tweet. It reminded me of how awesome my job can be and how happy I am that other readers like to geek out about books.

It is awesome @oopsireaditagain (aka best Twitter handle ever)! And I think you for reminding me when I'm swimming in paper forts. 

Lauren Oliver's PANIC (which is really, really good) comes out in March. As I'm the designer I already have a copy, suckers. ;)

Specs: Crown foil 420 (silver) on title treatment. Gritty Matte/Spot UV. 


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