Monday, August 12, 2013

Fortunately, this day is looking up!

One of the the best projects I've ever worked on in my entire life was finished and waiting for me at my desk today after lunch. This really helped curb my stupid cranky mood I was in. Wait, let's back up because a few cool things happened around lunch today.

To set the scene as to why I was so cranky: I woke up and it was raining which made me sad. It was cold even though it's the middle of August. I always get a little down this time of year because I know my weekends of going to the beach or riding my bike to various awesome places are limited. When it's cool enough for a sweater, I quickly go into "slippery slope" thinking mode and start dreading snow—which is not really snow in New York City but black gross stinky slushy stuff that people call snow. But it's still only August, so I digress.

So to cheer myself up during an unseasonable dreary day I wore my best Houston Texans shirt (yes I have more then one) to work with a super cute black and white printed skirt. This must have channeled the happy police because when I stepped outside for lunch there was an honest to God real life taco truck parked on Park Avenue. Y'all, I ordered in Spanish, and my friend Kate took a picture. Day's looking better. Thank you Texans Shirt.

Could I be any happier?

Anyway, I got back to my desk after a really nice eating-tacos-outside lunch to see this:

It's a real book!
Here it is naked:

Oh, hi little balloon!

And some interior spreads, proof!

I'm involved in another Gaiman project right now that I think I'll be equally excited about. But I know in my heart that this project will be my proudest. I remember reading the printed word document on the D train last summer and saying to myself, this is something special, this is amazingly special. I'm sad to see it finished because I guess that means it's really done. I'm happy it's finished because . . . it is wonderful.

Fortunately, The Milk comes out September 17th. If you were a weird kid or you want to channel your inner weird kid, or hell you know a weird kid, this book is a phenomenal read. I might have fallen in love with each of Skottie's illustrations just a little bit (a whole lotta bit) And I would have given anything to have read it when I was 7, and I love that I could help with it now.

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