Monday, December 23, 2013

Christmas and bat poop.

One of the best things about working thru a holiday (or ok just really close to a holiday) is that you can catch up on all your work since everyone else is gone. I'm leaving for Texas tomorrow, and today I got a really nice treat! Not only do I get to finish up the 18 (EIGHTEEN!?!) Beverly Cleary books uninterrupted but I got a few books delivered from production, whee!

UNINVITED and GENIUS FILES #4 : FROM TEXAS WITH LOVE.  I think we've covered Uninvited so I won't pester anyone about it again. But GF#4 has quite a fun story....

I didn't start this series, but it sure is fun to work on now. Especially this book. Perhaps you noticed the subtitle, From Texas with Love. I used to live there! Heck I'm going tomorrow (see above paragraph for repetition, welcome.) Anyway, when the author found out I lived there via his wonderful editor, Andrew, he had a few questions. Our telephone conversation went something like this.

Dan Gutman: Sarah! Andrew tells me you used to live in Austin, is that true?

Me: Yup! I lived there for 5 years, I think you're including the bridge on Congress Ave. with all the bats flying out from under it? That will be a very cool cover!

DG: Yea, Coke and Pep will have to escape the bad men while being tied up under the bridge, right when the bats fly out. It should be very cool action.

Me [interrupting]: That happened to me once! Well, I wasn't tied up under the bridge but I was stuck in traffic on the bridge once right at sun set. At the time I was driving a 1984 Volvo the color of a Crayola green crayon. The AC didn't work so I had all the windows down when the bats flew out, it was terrifying! Why did I tell you the car was green and from 1984? Anyway, it was really cool.

DG: ....

Me [internally]: Why am I such a freaking spazz?

DG: Tell me something, could you smell their guano?

Me: Yes you could sir.

DG: I'm going to thank you in my book Sarah.

Me [internally]: Best conversation ever.

Flash forward a few months, and here we are! And oddly I am just realizing this cover is the exact same color as that car—it's insanely green. I guess I gave myself (and that car) a nod too. Well congrats to that...

Uninvited & GF #4: Gloss UV • title embossed & foil stamped

Enjoy your Christmas y'all!

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