Thursday, March 6, 2014

Fall Wrap UP

. . . and we are done! Here's the rest of the Fall 2014 books.

It'll be a while for my next batch I fear. Winter 2015 has proven to be rather sorted. I do enjoy a challenge though, so let's see what happens next.

Until then, some winged horses and space pirates. MIDDLE GRADE!

The Guardian Herd is supposed to be very, very cool. I haven't had the chance to read it yet. But the art for this cover is so stunning. I would die, just die if I were 12 again . . . ok currently dying. Rumor has it the ARE's are on their way down, hopefully it'll be a nice weekend read!

The Sales Conference proofs came in today and they are truly lovely. I was lucky enough to afford a 4C process over silver foil for the title (which is also sculpt emboss). Hopefully we'll be able to keep that 4C over silver going through the series. I'd love to see this in a cool, slate blue.

4C Glossy / title prints over silver foil + sculpt emboss

And my other favorite logo (self pat on the back) Jupiter Pirates #2. The color palette smacked me right in the face when I saw it. I have never ever, ever seen space so illuminated. I just squealed at the pinks and purples coming out of the jets. A wonderful gold logo really pulls this together. If it weren't for the amazing Tom Lintern, there is no way this could ever look as cool as this:

4C over silver foil / embossed title, debossed subtitle

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