Monday, June 22, 2015

Cover Reveal Week Day 1—Symptoms of Being Human

Today marks the first day of Cover Reveal week here at Harper! YES! Huzzah! Hooray!

Quite honestly Winter 2016 is going to be a Boss season for books. There a lot of awesome books (and covers to swoon over) coming up. Some are hotly anticipated sequels (#GlassSword, anyone?) and some are totally, unbelievably new—in every way— to YA.

When Symptoms of Being Human landed on my desk, I instantly knew I'd love it. For one, the story dealt with issues close to my own heart. For twos, it featured David Bowie. Bowie was my first and is my longest standing crush. Every single person who knew me in High School can back that up.  I mean, I made my partner fly with me to Chicago in January just to see David Bowie Is. Who else would fly to a colder place after New Years? Dance Magic, Dance.

Me, smiling in freezing admiration • Photo by the wonderful Joshua Ess 

But, back to Human. I won't say anything about the main character Riley because Riley does an excellent job speaking to what it means to be a gender-fluid teenager. Riley seems to find a lot of comfort in music when shit gets just a bit too real—something we can all identify with. Riley also seems to identify with Bowie. I think we've made a match.

After attacking Jeff Garvin's excellent manuscript in one full swoop, I felt as though Riley should be represented by the Thin White Duke. Hell, let's embody them both on the cover. So what, exactly, is cool enough to show Riley without giving it all away? Perhaps, a limited color palette and a rad hair cut would be just cool enough.

In an extra musical tip to the hat, we silk screen printed the entire jacket over at Gowanus Print Lab. The different levels in ink on the back cover and flap should help give this book a gig poster look. We will shoot these amazing pieces in house and digitize 'em—hopefully printing the cover on uncoated stock to give it a gritty paper feel.

Can't wait to read this nugget of awesome? Enter Jeff's contest here, for your chance to win an Advance copy. Even if you win, you'll want to buy this book. Unwrap the finished hardcover to reveal more Bowie inspired surprises. Also, you'll have yourself a sweet Gender Fluid / digitized-silk screen / Bowie inspired / paper flag. Hooray!

What music inspires you? Holler back at me on Twitter with your favorite musical inspirations at @stinkysarahd

Happy Reading!

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