Monday, May 2, 2011

Can Social Media help whatever it is supposed to help me do?

For an hour every Monday this April my job has required me to sit through various social media seminars. I couldn't possibly imagine what a company specifically designed to promote social media could offer a publishing company. Two days were dedicated to Facebook! What could we possibly cover? How could sitting in a conference room with a bunch of publishing underlings (and a few scattered managers) talking about Twitter, foursquare, You Tube and... Blogger (surprise, that was today's topic) help anyone connect with anything?

Oh how far I've traveled in the social media world. My Facebook and Twitter and are slowly fusing together. Family members and work colleagues share comments on work ideas and design projects. I frequently scan Twitter feed for #kidsbooks, #kidlit, and my personal favorite #pitchdarkbooks. People actually engage with these hash tags and Facebook pages. And since a lot of my work is associated with these tags, it's being seen. By actual people. And they are freaking talking about it! It's not all positive of course, but it's criticism I might be able to use to bring my design work in a direction I wouldn't have thought of.

I mean all the kids are on the social media right? Isn't my job to get these kids read some books? Let's bring it. The great experiment of social media and how I can get it to relate to my design in children's publishing might have just begun.

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