Thursday, May 5, 2011

Going to Minneapolis with flowers in my hair

I finally decided on a vacation. I wanted something away. Away from New York, the complete and utter opposite of this stinky, dirty, freezing city. Somewhere hot, humid, full of hippies maybe, and water. So much water. But a round trip ticket to Minneapolis was $259-Lake Minnetonka here I come.

I talked to one of my best girl friends who lives there. We met in London, we were roommates actually. Randomly assigned a tiny dorm room off High Street Ken over ten years ago and we still talk to each other every day. While we don't see each other as often as we should, we manage a reunion every other year or so. I missed her last summer, I'm hoping to make up for it this summer.

Maybe she'll spark that creative streak I'm looking for. The last time I was at her house we painted our nails on a blanket spread out in her back yard. We watched her two standard poodles play and lay in the sun. As a joke I bought a romance novel in a gas station outside of Duluth. We read it to each other on that blanket, cracking up at the yearnings and throbbing members. I think it's a creative blanket. I know she's a fun person, she was when I suffered through my last bout of creativity.... maybe she can help again.

Nonetheless I gotta go get me a new sketch book. The old ones are filled with past memories, I have new goal now. Just got to find it.

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