Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Muse fail

I just returned from a Nobel Desk top seminar titled Moving from Print to Web. This might end up being the most ironic part of this post, but more on that as things develop. (Foreshadowing!)

So while this was definitely an intro course and I knew a lot of the information, we did touch on the difference in web site construction and website layouts. Yea, no one likes Muse. It doesn't load properly and its code is crap. That being said, we're still Beta form so I have high hopes for it. Lord knows it would make my life easier.

But like I've heard 1,000 times before there is no magic "web site made!" button. This is also hilarious because I'm fairly sure that 40% of my own job complaints centers around the same argument—sure I can change this skyscraper Flash ad into a just takes a second! (Sarcasm!)

Oh speaking of Flash, Adobe abandoned it for mobile platforms, nice. So next up, old school html.

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