Sunday, November 27, 2011

Blue (thanksgiving) Hawaii.

Ah. Home. You know how people complain about air travel? Well I'm one anyway. I complain about flying like it's the worst thing in the whole wide world! Yesterday it took me 20 hours to get home from Kona, Hawaii. And guess what? I didn't complain once, because that vacation was just that awesome! Maybe my brother will have a different recollection on my non-complaining...but he's not here to say otherwise. :)

Ok so it's a bit weird to still go on family vacations when you're 31 years old. But guess what? I like my family and they go to awesome places! Plus, it helps when Mom foots the majority of the bill, talk about a giver. (Mom shout out!) So in chronological order, here's my Hawaiian vacation, iMovie style. We start in Honolulu where Angie bottles her own wine, we visit some penguins, and eat at Morimoto. In the Kona area we swim, snorkel with sea turtles, drink a lot, eat all the fishes in the sea, and befriend a malformed donkey. Enjoy!


I'm hoping to keep this aloha spirt around for a while. Maybe I can take in some of these colors, attitudes, and vibes into my work and design. Oh, speaking of... I got a new job! In a few weeks I'm moving to HarperCollin's Art Department, working on Middle Grade and YA covers. I'm nervous but I think we've got a good aloha feelin' going on in that department. Overall, a great start to a very thankful-filled holiday season.


  1. Mahalo and Aloha and holy shit I want to go back!! Congrats on the new job- you da bomb. :)