Friday, January 6, 2012

Where have you been?

Well let me tell you! I wanted to end my Marketing Design posts with an uber cool video I did for a book called LoveTorn. I thought to myself, how awesome would this be? I could show my last hoorah of digital design and then plow right into what I think is super rad: my new job as a Art Department cover designer. Ah how young and naive we were back in November.

I'm such an awesome worker I finished that book trailer way before the book will pub, which should be coming out later this month. So I can't put the video up—all three of you readers would just ruin it for everyone by reposting to your own blogs and social media sites. So let's do a good old fashioned teaser shall we? What better way to say goodbye to marketing?

Whenever I start a new project (digital or print) I always like to pick out a theme of colors that will be great for the project and anything that might surround it in the future. How will these colors look on a screen that has moving images? How will they look printed? And what are the HEX/RGB equivalents— Will I burn someone's eyes out, and if so, would that be a bad thing?

In LoveTorn our heroine is from India and moves to LA for some reason or another that I'm a bit unsure of. But how fun is India? What a great potential color palette to explore:

Click me to enlarge.

Since this project will be moving images (fancy that, a moving picture show!) we get to story board. It'll be hard to believe I'm not a professional illustrator when you see this ever so logical and professional looking story board. 

Click me to enlarge.

This story board combined with our script, provided by one of the very apt and fun Marketing teams, becomes a book trailer. But just how that magic happens is for another post later. Have I hooked you? Didn't think so. But you have to trust me it's cool.

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