Friday, January 13, 2012


OMGosh I love this book trailer. I know it's super tacky to pump my own business here but it's just so cute! I got to work with an extremely awesome Senior Marketing Associate on this and I have to admit, when you work with someone who is like our friend Alana, good things happen.

I assembled the vector graphics in Illustrator (some are stock image, shh!) and then animated them in Flash. Finally our titles and transitions come in through good old iMovie. Soundtrack provided by the fine people at shockwave sounds and BAM! you got yourself a lovely book trailer.
For some silly reason I can't embed the video here, rats! It's worth the extra click thru, trust me!

I'll miss my time with Harper's Integrated Marketing Department. I got to do some really cool things there (see above). I also know that I wouldn't have learned all that I did in any other publishing house. Is this my little swan song to the last four years? More like the last showcase of a job I really, really, really enjoyed.


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