Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Fall of Butterflies redux

If you were to go on goodreads.com and look up Fall of Butterflies, this is the image that appears:

Tell me that's not gorgeous!

Two friends, Remy and Willa are connected thru "a passionate-yet-doomed friendship set against the backdrop of wealth and glamour." We loved the retro color palette here and how Remy and Willa were facing outward yet away from each other. They are looking into a web of sorts—yet those wings . . . those wings could take them anywhere if they weren't pinned down. And while they were pinned down, Remy and Willa were still the butterfly among the boring old moths. So many layers of meaning y'all!

I thought this cover spoke very well to the book itself. Book buyers, it seems, did not agree. Eep!

We got word that most sellers found this cover confusing and too retro. They wanted something that spoke to the author's previous book, ANATOMY OF A MISFIT. Which was interesting because I was hoping the colors here tied the line look of the two books together. (No, the two books are not related but we like to give each author a "look".)

Back to the drawing board.

The happiest of accidents can happen when you're cruising around in Photoshop. OK not accidents. . . inspirations. After a few days of playing, sorting and shifting a new cover for FALL OF BUTTERFLIES emerged.

Here each butterfly crushes the other, vying for a top spot. We've also moved away from illustration to photographic. 

What do you think? Do you like illustrated or photographic book covers better?

Let me know in the comments or hit me up @stinkysarahd I love to hear your thoughts! 

And look for FALL OF BUTTERFLIES in early May. 

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