Wednesday, January 20, 2016

January's sweet (and a bit sad) haul... (Bowie Alert)

This time last year I was freezing my hiney off in Chicago at the DAVID BOWIE IS... exhibit. Now, well now I'm trying to understand how anyone can deny the existence of climate change and crying as cha-cha-changes plays on repeat. (It's oddly warm, y'all *just kidding snow storm alert* and I still suffer from all the feels.)

Bowie's death was hard for me, as I know it was for anyone who ever had a freak bone in their body. I found it kind of comforting knowing I could (sorta) pay tribute to him and his influence with the release of SYMPTOMS OF BEING HUMAN. The finished book landed on my desk last week. I was really, really happy to see that Aladdin Sane lightning bolt on the case—unwrap a copy and Watch That Man.

4c super gritty matte • one piece case with purple and black stamps

Gender roles. Breaking them / acknowledging that they're a bit different then we currently think of them. Anyway, go buy SYMPTOMS, It's really, really good. (Plus it's like, nice to touch and pet with it's gritty matte and silk screened art.)

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