Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Taking Care of Business and working over time, work out. 

This seems to be my overall running theme for this summer, and so far I'm still into it. I made a promise to myself at the beginning of the summer to change a few bits about my life. I've given myself a year to reach these goals, otherwise I'm a-scadattleing out of NYC. It's great here, don't get me wrong. And trust me, my past self would have slapped my current self for such blasphemies such as: New York City is just too damned expensive. New York City is just too damned rude. New York City is just too damned dirty. New York City is just too damned annoying.

My past self would have said, Bitch you're just too damned old! Ah, birthdays. But I digress...

I've identified two underlying causes for such negative (and perhaps temporary) 'tudes. First up, New York City is expensive, rude, and dirty because I live within one of its many (safe) armpits. Now I love a Superfund Site as much as next tree hugging-Trader Joe's going-illegal loft resident. But I'm none of those things, so why the crap am I living under a bridge near the Brooklyn Shipyard & Gowanus Canal? You know someone once told me it has gonorrhea. People canoe through there too, gross. Anyway, it's pretty cheap to live near a river of poo* but after a few years, I think it's time to move on. But I gots to get the money if I wants to get the deluxe apartment in the sky. Enter new online portfolio.

Secondly, and even more embarrassing then living near the last known longshoreman sign up sheet (j'k that's cool as all fuck and you know it!) New York City is too damned rude because sometimes it's just me living in it. There's no one to save me from the unidentified serial rapists, F-train master-baters (most likely unrelated) or to just hold Ikea's impossibly heavy Expidit shelves as I slowly turn an allen wrench (shout out to K-Sharp!). With the exception of a few beautiful friends who have always fended off possible bed intruders or helped me climb up three stories while struggling with 150 lbs of DIY MDF, it's kinda just me. And frankly that kinda sucks. Enter new online portfolio.

Anyway, what's the point of this post? I suppose to reaffirm this goal, even though I'm only a few months in. But I think it's going well, I've made significant improvements on my online portfolio(s), watch out multi-state objects & cute boys of Brooklyn! Sorry glaussian blur and drinking an entire bottle of red by oneself—it's been real, but I think we should try to fix some of this.

*River of poo is actually quite far from my apartment, but I'm sure the local longshoreman know the best water route to view it.

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