Sunday, October 9, 2011

Meta Times

A co-worker went to Noble desktop's online portfolio seminar last week and found out about What a world of difference in online portfolios! Originally I had my work on a site that wasn't cutting the mustard. I had real limited design say and it looked really outdated. But this?! This is awesome! I can upload work easily and add my own html preferences. While I still learn web design, I think this will really work well for me. I have to see if I can finagle some Flash. Oh lord if I can add .swf files it's over. So over!

Take a gander, I just began. If it looks oddly familiar just remember when it comes to branding one self, I'm super into matching. Which isn't to say I'm into matching in any self preservation or expression...just to be clear.

In other news, I ordered CS5.5 last week! HH is almost complete. I know he's getting antsy, and I don't blame him, I would be itching to work too if I were just sitting around blogging all day. Lord knows my freelance level can increase dramatically. I think I'll improve my at-home work productivity by a ridiculous percent, let's say 78% faster design time. That sounds impressive.

The funny part is since I bought it from an online retailer to save a little, I have to wait for an actual box with CDs in it to come in the mail. That is just too funny. I have enough technology and power to run a very small country but I'm waiting to use it by loading and installing software via CD drive.

Updates** on my lovely Adobe package TK.

*haha publishing joke!
** We're currently expecting an on-time arrival of CS5.5 (best to say this in a airline pilot voice)

Exhibit A: Dorkus Maximus

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