Thursday, October 20, 2011

Sarah the trumpet.

Organization is not my strongest skill set. If I'm ever in another situation where someone asks me what my greatest weakness is, it'll be very obvious that organization is the main challenge. This'll be clear to the questioner since I'll try to explain roughly 12-60 things at once. Ah, I'm already doing it, so let's back up a second.

Last night I was trying to decide on how to gather my online and print ads, (some trade and some consumer) in one place. I mean it's kind of difficult to showcase an ad aimed at people who would be interested in reading Big Nate next to romantic dystopia. But then to further that cluster by putting an ad aimed at a buyer next to one aimed at angsty teen? As a dear friend of mine would say, "lunacy!" Clearly.

So how do I organize all of this? It's kind of the same thing, but not really. If I were a piano I could play all the parts at once and it would make sense to those listening. Sadly, I can only play one note at a time. So here I am honking on a trumpet trying to figure out where to put the horn section within this marching band.

Oh, I'm getting really bad on my metaphors, time for sleep.


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