Saturday, October 29, 2011


I'm not one to be all dramatic about weather, only when it's crazy (see Hurricane blog posts). But today is October 29th and it's snowing! Not just kinda snowing, like actually—sticking to the ground—what would Frosty's Halloween costume be this Monday?—snowing.

Front window—Parrots picked off all the tree's leaves

Back window—Green leaves.

This is also weird because I was having a war with a mosquito last weekend until Thursday. Basically she was biting me when I was sleeping and I didn't like it. Now call me old fashioned, but don't we and the mosquitos have some sort of deal? When it's warm outside and you need food to feed your babies, you bite me. This doesn't mean I like it, but I get it. Circle of Life, yada yada. But when it's cold and SNOWING you gotta back off—Just saying.

So it's snowing. And hopefully Mrs. Mosquito is following her end of the bargin and died. But this grody weather brings other good news. To avoid it, I stay inside and and blog work on my elusive portfolio. So I have been! Ya'll should check it, be a fan of it, follow me if you're on Behanced—I'll follow back. Also, leave me comments on it. If you mad hate it, which you should just keep to yourself because if you can't say something nice don't say anything at all. Just kidding, lie to me! Tell me it's great.

But if you really do have suggestions, let me hear 'em. Because I love my work, and I really do want to make it better. Plus if you like kid's stuff, there's just a bucket of awesome for you to flip through. Hooray! Everybody wins!

Oh you might notice there's an empty space. That's for Logos and Branding. I've got 3 new logos in the works at work (awkward wording shout out) and as soon as those are approved, I'm complete. Excited!!

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